Bolzoni Attachments

With nearly 70 years of experience in the material handling industry, Bolzoni offers the most extensive range of lift truck attachments in the market today. The teams at Bolzoni have a keen eye for innovation, listening to the needs of its territories and customers to ensure they're designing useful attachments. This attention to detail has lifted the company to a global status, with 20 branches and many independent dealers across all continents. Its line of forklift attachments includes forks, rotators, clamps, and more.

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Bolzoni is committed to providing high quality solutions, so they work closely with lift truck manufacturers in order to keep up with the changing landscape of material handling. In doing so, the company has garnered experience in several industries, including paper and beverage. The forklift experts have built an understanding of the requirements of these fields and work to provide customized lift truck attachments that will meet their needs. Talk to our Harding Forklift experts, and find the attachment that can help your everyday tasks become easier and more efficient. Learn how your current equipment can be outfitted to your specific tasks and needs.


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