Innovative Technology

As driverless cars emerge on roadways as a viable transportation option, autonomous material handling equipment takes warehouses and distribution centers to the next level, thanks to Balyo. The mobile robotics company partners with Hyster-Yale Group to embed its Driven by Balyo Technology into Hyster and Yale forklifts, tow tractors, and more.

When you work in material handling, you need a power supply that lasts through your toughest jobs. Nuvera, a subsidiary of Hyster-Yale Group, manufactures alternative energy sources for electric lift trucks in the form of hydrogen fuel cells. 

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Self-Locating Trucks, Easy Setup and Flexibility

Groundbreaking vision-guided attachments allow these vehicles to self-locate and navigate throughout buildings, based on the placements of walls, columns, and racks. Automatic Guided Vehicles have been around for decades, using magnets, wires, or lasers to navigate a space. Today, Balyo is changing the face of the industry, allowing you to continue using the equipment you're familiar with, in your current infrastructure, while automating several tasks that don't require a human touch. With the options for autonomous or manual control, your operators can switch back and forth depending on their current needs.

Reliable Power Solutions for the Future
Like Harding Forklift, Nuvera's goal is to offer reliable solutions that will help your business become more productive and efficient. When used in your fleet, these fuel cells provide a faster charge compared to their lead acid battery counterparts, as well as a cleaner alternative to internal combustion forklift engines. The fuel cell experts at Nuvera work side-by-side with Hyster and Yale engineers to design an alternative energy solution specifically for your electric forklifts. Built with stack architecture for increased fuel reactions, the fuel cell offers greater fuel efficiency and output, meaning that you'll be able to do more between charges. Plus, with opportunity refueling, you'll be able to better optimize your time and refuel when it's most convenient for you.


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