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When it comes to narrow aisle reach trucks, the NR/NDR-DB and NR/NDR-EB are extremely versatile, combining the latest AC motor control technology with improved all-around performance and superb operator comfort to effectively meet the demands of modern warehousing.

Yale® iSi Technology™ incorporates a common control system with consistent functionality across the warehouse product line. The Integrated Smart Interface utilizes the same software, diagnostic codes and functionality for the main warehouse trucks creating commonality for users, supervisors and service personnel. The system offers full customization to allow a user to properly match the trucks' performance with the skill of the operator.

A new side-stance control handle, configured with the operator in mind, provides conveniently located controls for forward/reverse, lift/lower, proportional reach/retract, tilt, horn and optional side shift. The control handle for side-stance operation allows simultaneous control of travel and hydraulic functions, features operator grip pad for added comfort.

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3,000 - 4,500 lbs
Max Height:
Max Weight:
4500 lbs
Series Title:
Yale Narrow Aisle Reach Trucks


Model Load Capacity (lbs.) Battery Maximum Travel Speed (mph) Maximum Lift Speed (ft/min) Lower Lift Speed (ft/min)
NDR030EB 3000 36 7.4 100 95
NDR030DB 3000 36 6.7 75 85
NR035EB 3500 36 7.4 100 95
NDR035EB 3500 36 7.4 114 105
NR035DB 3500 36 6.7 75 85
NR040EB 4000 36 7.4 100 95
NR040DB 4000 36 6.7 75 85
NR045EB 4500 36 7.4 114 105

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