Yale ERP040VT Three Wheeled Electric Forklift w/Fork Positioner

An Attachment That Changes Everything

One of the best ways to make your new Yale forklift even more productive is to add on a fork positioner. Many operators are familiar with side shifts which allow an operator to easily change the forks position relative to the forklift or the load. A fork positioner goes a step further, making it possible to change the relative positions of the forks to each other, making it easy to handle various loads on all sorts of pallets, skids, and storage frames without having to leave the seat. This makes an operator who handles varying loads frequently MUCH more productive. If your operators are off the seat to change the fork position (not productive) even twice during a shift it is likely you would recoup your investment in this attachment within the five year lease term of the typical forklift lease. Since much of the market WANTS this but isn't yet purchasing it your resale value would go up considerably.

Factory ordered forklifts from Yale can have these attachments added for around 5-10% of the cost of the unit, and in some cases even less. Some of our showroom models are now coming with them included. We also have options that will work with your existing forklift. Call 604.888.1412 or email us at sales@hardingforklift.com to arrange your live demonstration with Tyson or Troy right away!