Yale Automated Lift Trucks

Yale MPE080VG Driven By Balyo Robotics
Yale Lift Trucks Driven by Balyo

Automation is getting a lot of attention in manufacturing and distribution right now. Yale is leading the way with our Driven by Balyo forklift solutions. Check out this article from Material Handling Product News http://www.mhpn.com/product/yale_lift_trucks_drive... published today. Our corporate site also has some excellent information available over here http://www.yale.com/north-america/en-us/latest-inn....

These automated systems use on-board sensors to navigate, meaning that your infrastructure doesn't have to be built with automation in mind. This makes our new systems more versatile and scalable than traditional infrastructure-dependent solutions. Harding Forklift is seeking customers who are looking to automate now with solutions built on proven Yale equipment. Contact us at sales@hardingforklift.com or 604.888.1412 to learn how we can automate your pallet flow. After a short discovery period our factory experts will determine if your facility is right for automation and offer a step-by-step implementation proposal. Don't wait to automate your most repetitive cycles! Act now and have your talented workforce working on more productive endeavours.