Tips For Your Vehicle Mount Computers

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Practical Installation Tips To To Maximize Lifespan

Great article from our friends at Since I know this would be very timely for some of our customers. Kindly ignore that the reach trucks are the wrong colour. Thanks Rick LeBlanc at Forklift Revolution for the heads up. Credit to author Mahmud Nurein, Product Developer, JLT Mobile Computers.

"Practical Installation Tips That Will Maximize the Lifespan of Your Vehicle Mount Computers

Inappropriately installed vehicle mount terminals (VMTs) stand the risk of impaired usability and will in worst case suffer early product failure. By learning from the following tips before deployment, you can avoid the biggest pitfalls and thus maximize the return of investment for your equipment.

Even though rugged computers are built to withstand both vibration and shock, which are by far the most stringent compliance requirements and indispensable in the transportation sector, there is still a risk of damages when the equipment is installed in forklifts or other vehicles, as the engine, tires, gears and motor simultaneously create different frequencies and amplitudes of vibration, also referred to as random vibration." Read more...