New Yale MPB045VG With Lithium-Ion Power Pack

Save Big With Reduced Maintenance And Minimal Downtime

Yale continues to innovate with our new Yale MPB045VG Powered Pallet Truck with “Advanced Performance Power System”. These Lithium-Ion based power packs require no regular maintenance, unlike traditional lead-acid systems which require regular watering and inspection. This keeps your staff safe and productive, eliminating the risk of acid spills. Lithium-Ion batteries are fully capable of opportunity charging so feel free to plug your pallet truck in anytime it isn’t in use. This will make sure you have plenty of power when you need it. Don’t try that with typical lead-acid batteries which require replacement after 500-600 charging “cycles”.

These units are completely sealed and reliable. To back that up Yale includes a 5 year/10000 hour battery warranty. No more downtime waiting for new batteries to be installed. Finally, lithium batteries are smaller and this has reduced the overall length of these special jacks by 2” giving you better maneuverability in tight spaces.