National Forklift Saftey Day

Reinforcing best practices doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice productivity.

How can you help your operation do the same? Take a moment to learn about a powerful tool that can help support operator awareness and reinforce best practices:

Yale Reliant™ is a robust technology suite designed to reinforce lift truck operating best practices and support operator awareness, tailored to the unique challenges of warehouse operations. It limits equipment performance based on equipment status, location and operating conditions, while keeping the operator in control of the lift truck.

-Prevent equipment from entering pedestrian-only zones.

-Automatic reduce speed when cornering for optimum load stability

-Hydraulic arrest prevents transport of loads that exceed weight limits.

-Anti-tailgating speed reduction enforces proper following distances

-Blind spot monitoring reinforces operator awareness.

-Automatic slowdown at the end of aisles or intersections.

-Location-based lift height restriction to avoid low beams or other obstacles.

-Limited speed and acceleration when moving in pedestrian-heavy areas.