Modern Materials Handling Story - Goya Foods’ Secret Ingredient: Lift Trucks

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Modern Materials Handling Goya Foods
Yale Dealer Creates Custom Solution

Harding Forklift and Yale provide a lot of customization on our forklifts for our customers. Seems like we are not alone. Check out this story thanks to Modern Materials Handling that features fellow dealer Barclay Brand Ferndon providing custom forklift solutions to Goya Foods:

“The overhead guard on the standard lift truck we were using wouldn’t allow us to drive into the rack, so we had to use two different vehicles for putaway and retrieval. One staged a pallet and another would drive into the rack. By modifying the truck to create a Goya standard, we were able to eliminate that extra touch.”

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Thanks to Modern Materials Handling and Barclay Brand Ferndon for the story and images.