In Stock Now GP050N

With smart features, adjustability and exceptional all-around visibility, the Series N is so comfortable that you might have trouble getting your operators out of it

**In Stock Now** GP050N

An ergonomic compartment strategically engineered around comfort and convenience, the Yale® Series N was designed to make it easy for operators to get in and out of the truck, stay comfortable and sustain less stress while seated and operating the truck.

Convenient entry and exit – A large, strategically located step, large grab handle, contoured hood and flip up armrests help make it easy for the operator to get in and out of the truck.

Spacious operator compartment – Greater head clearance and ample foot space offer the operator an opportunity to find a comfortable position and stretch their legs.

Adjustments made easy – An adjustable steer column, a foot activated, hand-released park brake and up to 25% more seat adjustability than the leading competitor, help minimize operator lean and strain on the back when in the seated position.