Heavy, Heavy Equipment

Yale GLC155VX 15000lbs Capacity Forklift
How Big Are Your Forklifts, Anyway?

Here is an example of the largest Yale Cushion Tire Forklift, the Yale GLC155VX. This truck is designed to lift 15500lbs (nominal) at a 24" load center. Engineered to move the densest materials around we are often configuring custom machines like this for steel manufacturers and container handling operations. With a live load of over 21000 lbs that is a LOT of weight on those small tires, and you know that this Yale is built to last in the harshest environments. For this customer this machine is the right choice due to the small size and turning radius with the extra capacity to handle very heavy machined components. Not sure how much capacity you need? We can go over the broad strokes of the mathematics over the phone. Just have an idea of the cube measurements of your heaviest load and an idea of the gross weight. Even better, call us at 604.888.1412 and get a site assessment in person.