With the high-cost of buildings in the Lower Mainland, why not implement a lift solution that reduces your aisle space by 30% while also increasing your overall storage capacity dramatically? Yale VNA (Very Narrow Aisle) Forklifts can significantly improve the storage capacity of your current or future facilities.

VNA (Very Narrow Aisle) Forklifts vs. Traditional Reach Trucks

Here’s how a VNA forklift solution can greatly increase the density of your storage space versus a traditional reach truck - without sacrificing speed or efficiency. A traditional reach truck or deep-reach truck typically requires aisles at least 9’ wide to operate effectively (but are often 12’ or more). These wide aisles leave a lot of square footage as empty floor space, not to mention a huge amount of storage capacity that is wasted above the floor. Each additional aisle means even more underutilized storage space. By comparison, Yale VNA Forklifts allow you to make use of a greater amount of space in your facility by reducing aisles to just 6’, or even less! With that amount of reclaimed volume, Yale VNA trucks can pack your warehouse even more densely than double-deep reach forklifts.

Go Higher, Safer!

And to really maximize density, the VNA system allows for even higher racking systems as operators ride up with the platform (which can go to heights over 500”). No more relying on cameras to determine if your forks 35’+ away in the air are going to nest into the pallet correctly. Also, you can single item or case pick at ANY level for most applications. Having an operator in a direct line of sight allows for easy retrieval of any single pallet in your building with confidence.

Are VNA Trucks Right For You?

VNA trucks are ideal for the following types of applications:

-High SKU count with picking needed above the first few levels (our MO25 could also work for this: )

-Cold Storage or other high-cost locations to maximize cube space and energy efficiency

-Unusual or outsized packaging that would often require a combination of forklifts/reach trucks/order pickers to handle/store

-High-value items that require low velocity or personal handling

Expand Capacity Without Adding/Changing Buildings

With recent instability in global supply chains, making the most of your existing space has never been more important. And as your business’ storage needs grow you may consider expanding to a new facility or adding an additional site with more overhead. Why not explore the possibilities of making the best and most cost-effective use of your current storage facilities by both minimizing aisle space waste and maximizing storage height with a VNA truck?

Our experts stand ready to work with your racking supplier to turn your warehousing facility into an integrated productivity machine!

To find out more about Yale Very Narrow Aisle Trucks and explore your options. 604-888-1412