I am often asked about the current state of automation when it comes to material handling. Clients are curious about possibilities and even more eager to learn what automation solutions are being implemented, and the benefits adopters can expect to see. It’s a much-discussed topic, and the following article in Material Handling 247 helps to highlight some of the most important advances in Yale automated systems over other robotic lift truck systems.

Improved efficiency in operations is always a good goal - and with Yale’s Driven by Balyo robotic solutions that improved efficiency can reduce overall costs by up to 70% while improving accuracy and reducing damage and improving safety. And this can be accomplished with natural navigation - meaning no required expensive infrastructure-based navigation system into your existing warehouse. It also means improved flexibility and scalability to meet your business’s growing needs with a single truck or an entire fleet.

Article Link: https://www.materialhandling247.com/product/yale_lift_trucks_driven_by_balyo?utm_source=mhpnproducts

Another key advantage of automated lift systems that’s definitely top-of-mind these days is their ability to encourage employee retention and reduce operator turnover. In fact, a survey conducted last year confirms that operator turnover is the biggest challenge facing their business today.

40% of businesses say operator turnover is their biggest challenge

Source: September 2020 Robotics & Automation Survey by Vertic INC.

Automation can help. Automated lift systems not only reduce operating costs and greatly improve efficiency, but also allow your labour to focus on higher-value-added tasks that are more fulfilling and safer than highly repetitive tasks.

To learn more about Yale’s latest innovations for automated lift systems, have a look at the Robotic Lift Truck page:

Article Link: http://www.yale.com/north-america/en-us/latest-innovations/Robotic-Lift-Trucks/

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