Lead Time Issues - The Pandemic Hangover

These days, just about everything is taking longer - and the lead times on new lift trucks are no exception.

The first quarter of 2021 has seen a dramatic rise in the lead time of just about everything, whether due to a lack of labour availability, supply chain disruption, regulatory snags or a combination of all of these challenges. This means the traditional build time of 16-20 weeks for your new forklift is out the window, and some of the projected delays might be longer than you think.

Planning ahead to meet your lift truck needs is always key, but especially if you have no choice but to buy diesel or propane. Currently, some of these drive systems are more than 50 weeks away. And with building materials demand far exceeding supply the traditional and popular 8000-12000 lbs forklifts are nearly impossible to get in a reasonable time frame. This in turn has further increased the already high demand in the used market for these machines, making them harder to find and more costly.

Leap ahead with Yale electric

There are some bright spots during this pandemic hangover. Most electric counterbalance units remain a more reasonable 20 weeks away. As well, we have been able to get ahead of our battery and charger inventory to make sure that our most popular new and used Yale electric forklifts are still available.

Time to consider the benefits of electric

Our electric solutions are ready and available today, and are well situated to meet your growing needs in the near future. Don’t let the lengthy wait times of non-electric drive systems dictate your business’ ability to respond to your customer’s needs. It’s a perfect time to consider your options and explore the immediate and long-term benefits that an electric solution can provide.

Is electric the right choice for me?

Have you been considering a move towards something more efficient? Do you resent the carbon taxes, delivery surcharges, fuel surcharges, and other below-the-line outrages that show up on your propane cylinder or diesel delivery service invoices? Are you concerned about the availability of new equipment when your needs ramp up? It’s time to start thinking electric.