Caring for your electric forklift’s battery now can save you a lot of money, hassle, and downtime due to preventable repairs.

Electric lift systems provide many years of reliable service - but the key to maintaining that reliability is keeping your battery in good condition. Forklift batteries may continue to operate beyond their most effective 5 to 6 years of regular usage, with users sometimes stretching service life well beyond these recommended limits. What many don’t realize is that as batteries age they can become inconsistent in their performance. When unchecked, an older batteries’ inconsistency can cause excess heat - heat that then leads to major component failure.

Beyond regularly adding water, users often only check or replace a battery when there are extreme warnings or equipment failures. At this point, the damage is done and in addition to replacing the battery, there may be costly repairs including a new drive unit, lift pump or steer motor. Repairs that will potentially pull the unit out of service for an extended period of time while waiting for replacement parts and a qualified service technician. Also, lead time availability for batteries has increased (in some cases up to 30 weeks!) so it’s a good idea to assess your lift truck’s battery needs before a failure occurs.

When should you check your battery?

If your forklift has a battery older than 5-6 years you should reach out and book a battery checkup to make sure it’s in good condition. Help reduce the cost of repairs and maximize uptime for your electric forklift by scheduling me to do a quick battery assessment - free of charge.

If a replacement is required, batteries can be quickly quoted and you can lease your battery replacement over time just like a forklift purchase. Why not consider upgrading your charger as well, or consider having a factory-installed watering system to streamline battery maintenance?

To find out more and explore your options, or for a complimentary battery checkup.